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Saatchi & Saatchi's work for Wall's takes home six Golds at this year's British Arrows Advertising Awards.

Last night’s British Arrows Advertising Awards secured a steady run of Gold awards for Saatchi and Saatchi, and the production company Rattling Stick’s, ‘Thank You’ campaign for Wall’s, with ‘Kitchen’ and ‘Garage’ each winning Golds in the Food, 30 Second TV and 40 Second TV categories.

The ads feature a miniature dog, named Allan, who is used by the male stars of the ads to express their feelings to their loved ones. In ‘Kitchen’, a husband is overcome with joy after his wife serves him a plate of meaty Wall’s sausages - he uses ‘Allan’ to demonstrate his gratitude through song. In ‘Garage’, a van driver uses the dog in the same manner to thank the garage attendant for giving him his tasty Wall’s sausage roll.

In addition to winning six Golds, a further Silver was won for T-Mobile’s ‘Royal Wedding’ in the Best Over 90 Second Web Based Film category and a Bronze in the Telecommunications Online Film category.

The ‘Royal Wedding’ viral features 15 royal lookalikes who were selected to match actual members of the Royal family known to be attending Kate & Wills' big day. The members of the royal wedding party dance their way down the aisle in front of a packed congregation in a routine choreographed to the 1990s top ten track House of Love by East 17. The footage captures the reaction of members of the public and T-Mobile staff who are among the 130 wedding guests featured in the ad. Invited to the church by T-Mobile, the guests were selected from hundreds of applications received by the brand after it posted an invite on its Facebook page for fans to take part in its next ad.

The video was the most watched ad on YouTube during 2011.