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Launch of 'The gunpowder golf shot', the hotly anticipated next challenge for European Tour's 'Every Shot Imaginable' online campaign.

Today, Saatchi & Saatchi delivers the hotly anticipated follow up to the globally successful ‘Clay Pigeon’ and ‘200 Yard Shot Gong’ virals, created last year to launch the European Tour’s ‘Every Shot Imaginable’ campaign.

‘The gunpowder golf shot’ is the third in the series of incredible golfing feats that show the European Tour pros tackling seemingly impossible shots.

Four professional golfers, Pablo Larrazabal, Jeev Milkha Singh, Stephen Gallacher and Gregory Bourdy were assembled on the ramparts and tasked with defending Fort George, Scotland.
Their challenge was to hit a golf ball directly into a barrelful of ‘gunpowder’ placed in a fishing boat turned pirate ship, 135 yards out to sea.

Defending the fort from the pirate threat with just golf clubs (and a lot of balls!) was no mean feat, with the experienced pros enduring strong winds and heavy rain. Meanwhile, a choppy sea meant a constantly moving target for the duration of this explosive challenge.

Saatchi & Saatchi is actively seeding the content through social media platforms to target both broad and core audiences without any initial media spend.

Paul Silburn, creative partner, Saatchi & Saatchi says: “The way the players respond to the challenges and reveal the humour and friendship that exists on the tour is what helps make these films so enjoyable to watch. This challenge was probably the toughest yet especially once the Scottish summer weather put in an appearance.”

The ‘Every Shot Imaginable’ campaign began in 2010 with the first challenge - ‘The 200 yard gong shot’.  Four golfers competed to be the first to skim a ball 200 yards across a lake and hit a floating 9 inch gong.

Saatchi & Saatchi created a branded YouTube page and uploaded the viral film, along with a series of incredible archive shots from past tournaments to help build the brand and distinguish its position as the most exciting golf tournaments in the world.

As the viral became famous it was picked up by the Sky Sports Network and broadcasted on several television programmes.

To keep up the momentum of the campaign Saatchi & Saatchi followed up the ‘Gong’ challenge with the ‘Clay Pigeon golf shot’, where four different golfers attempted to smash a clay pigeon out the sky with a golf ball.  This follow up was also picked up by the Sky Sports Network, helping to elevate the brand further.

Despite having no paid seeding, the virals were passed on by blogs, journalists and word of mouth, including Facebook, twitter, the front page of the Guardian website, Wired, CNN, ESPN and YouTube’s homepage. The ‘Every Shot Imaginable’ YouTube channel now has had over 6 million uploaded views.

The European Tour hosts golf tournaments across the globe, with courses so varied that for a golfer to really succeed they need a special combination of imagination and shot making ability; hence the campaign idea: See Every Shot Imaginable.

With a powerful idea at the heart of the campaign, the focus was on creating content so compelling, people can’t help but share it. For this reason it was essential that XX, Clay Pigeon and Gong were 100% authentic, with no post-production trickery. As well as the winning shot, you also get to experience the humorous failed attempts and the golfers’ genuine reactions.

What will the next stunt be? http://www.youtube.com/user/Everyshotimaginable

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